All our products are designed and tested to work great with both a firesteel or a lighter.          

All our cotton based products can burn on water, ice or snow. They are very weather resistant.



Small 1’’ ½ long cotton ropes without braiding infused in our proprietary wax based solution. The fibers can be exposed easily with a twisting motion. One small rope is enough to start a fire. Usually packed in aluminum canisters or polybags.




Fine cotton micro fibers infused in our proprietary wax based solution. Popular among the firesteel users for its ease to catch a spark. Usually packed in aluminum canisters or polybags. 




We offer a wide range of Fatwood shapes and sizes. Using modern technology we have been able to recreate the Fatwood. The wood is dried and dehumidified before we start injecting the flammable compound. To get the maximum results, the injection process takes 24 hours to complete. Using modern machinery we apply extreme pressure on the stick during the injection. We are able to inject more resin than there is wood in the stick. Our Fatwood is non tacky and burn cleanly.





A heavy Brick of 500 sheets of paper entirely infused in wax. A sheeth can be peeled off easily. Very useful for the fireplace. It can be cut in different shapes. One sheet burn 3 minutes x 500 sheets = 25 hours of burn time.





High quality aluminum canister with seal cap. Different sizes available.



2.Q:Can we have our own label and color?



3.Q:Can we have our own package and product design ?

   A:We provide a design service for the packaging and product based on your request.


4.Q:What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

   A: Depends on the product and packaging.


5.Q:Delivery time?

   A:Normally 5-10 days, but may depends on the order schedule


   A:Paypal, Credit Card


A:Via Canadapost by Air or sea.



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