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Using modern technology we have been able to recreate fatwood. The downside of fat wood is the strong smell and its tackiness, making it harder to carry and manipulate. Also the quantity of resin in this wood is unpredictable.   In our laboratory, we have recreated and improved this wood.  Using the most advanced systems,  we are able to inject 40g of resin in a wooden stick that weight 31g. Yes! There is more resin than wood in the FOG-H77A!


We got rid of the predominant smell and made it non-tacky. The FOG-H77A takes its name from our proprietary high gasification formula. Once ignited, this formula creates a gas bubble underneath the flames. The gas inside this bubble flows like streams in a state of weightlessness. This process provides a superior protection against wind and extinction. 



Size:  6" x 1"

  Weight:  70g


Easy to cut whatever the knife you are using

Cut what you need. Keep the rest for later




How to use



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